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"It's just a cool family"

Again by the amazing Jarvie :)
Pictures taken by: Jarvie
Anonymous says: hey :) I made a video montage of babytard and princesstard singing and talking about taylor swift, in hopes of taylor swift seeing the video and meeting the girls! Please can you share this video so Taylor can find & hopefully see it! It's called 'Taylor Swift meet Princesstard and Babytard (SHAYTARDS)' as I can't post the url on tumblr. thanks so much x

Aww love the video! Everybody go watch this video and send it to Taylor Swift :) 

mklgtumbles says: I just found your page - and honestly it's the worst timing because I have this huge assignment I'm supposed to be working on - but I CAN'T STOP SCROLLING!!! You're awesome!

Aww thanks so much! I’ve been busy the last couple of months, but messages like this keep me motivated to update this blog! Good luck with your assignment, you can do it! :)