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"It's just a cool family"
mklgtumbles says: I just found your page - and honestly it's the worst timing because I have this huge assignment I'm supposed to be working on - but I CAN'T STOP SCROLLING!!! You're awesome!

Aww thanks so much! I’ve been busy the last couple of months, but messages like this keep me motivated to update this blog! Good luck with your assignment, you can do it! :) 

Alecat22 - New York breakfast selfie with the @shaycarl team!

Happy 9th birthday Avia, you’re such an inspiring, beautiful little girl. I hope you have a great birthday!
catisrandom says: I have convinced a friend to watch one shaytards video, which would be best to show? I want it to be sorta recent.

Hmm that’s a hard one! Maybe the birth of Brotard or the ‘I GOT A BOW-NER’ video. The last one will definitely make your friend laugh :) If you don’t like to show him this ones, maybe he will like a Disneyland vlog. Hope I helped you out!